Forum for Sustainable Business, 3rd year

20.3.2013, City Green Court, Praha

„What is the role of leaders (of inspiring individuals or companies) in transformation of the society?”

09.00-10.15 A. What is the role of corporations and their leaders in the current world Chaired by Tomáš Sacher, Editor, Respekt
  The world is changing, confidence in institutions is falling, consumers expect changes. What is the role of companies in the transformation of society? Do they realize their impact on surroundings? And do they behave accordingly?
  1. Corporation transparency as the first step to reputation Radim Bureš, Program Director, Transparency International
  2. Are consumers looking for a change by leaders? Tomáš Kostelecký, Director, Sociologist Institute AV ČR
3. Responsible Business: The Role of Leaders to Raise Ethics in Society Michele L. Whyle, Head of Sustainability and Consumer Business Group, 3M
10.15-10.45 COFFEE/TEA BREAK
10.45-12.00 B. Have we managed to start the changes already? Chaired by Radka Pokorná, Expert Guarantor, Sustainbiz
  The theory is easy, but how do these activities work in practice? What are the results of the projects that are aimed at long-term profit and change--and not just for the company?
  4. From vision to specific activities - sustainability internally and externally Uwe Bergmann, Head of Sustainability Management, Henkel (Düsseldorf) KG
  5. How to create a functioning cooperation between the State administration and the private sector? Peter Chrenko, Tax Partner, PwC Czech Republic
  6. Engagement of young people – the key to future? Glenn Manoff, Director - Social Business and Sustainability, Telefónica Europe
12.00-13.15 C. How do leaders themselves perceive this role? Chaired by Michal Růžička, Editor in Chief, CSR Forum
  Is it the matter of companies that can change the world and rise ethics? And does it include just corporations? Or should it be also small and medium businesses that might spread value-oriented behaviour in society? How to work with key values and ethics in the company? And what patterns of behaviour is public administration offering?
  7. Panel discussion

Marie Passburg, President, Skanska Property Czech Republic
Lenka Novotná, Managing Partner, Plastia
Jonathan Wootliff, Member of Expert Council, Czech BCSD
Michele L. Whyle, Head of Sustainability and Consumer Business Group, 3M
Jaroslav Froulík, Managing Director, Jednota, Consumer cooperative České Budějovice
13.15-14.15 BUSINESS LUNCH
14.15-15.15 D. Afternoon workshops
D1. Sustainable marketing starts with a product D2. Sustainability in the area of resources
Chaired by: Roman Šiser, Director, Czech Innovation

What does sustainability mean for marketing? Why must the company responsible approach start already at the level of product development?

Lenka Novotná, Managing Partner, Plastia
Lidija Erlebachova, Corporate Communication Manager, Henkel
Marketing representatives of companies Telefónica ČR and others
Chaired by: Petr Jonák, External Relations Director, AWT

From many points of view it is useful for companies to start considering the resources. What led the leaders to start to behave differently in this area? What are the first steps, what is the companies' experience so far?

Pavel Vanoušek, Operations Development Director, Tesco Stores ČR
Josef Votruba, Consultant in Enviros and Member of Expert Council, Czech BCSD
D3. What does sustainable relation with a supplier mean? D4. Sustainability in HR Management
Chaired by: Jaroslav Kuchař, Managing Partner, Blue Strategy

How to cooperate for all parties to gain? Transparent behaviour on both sides as the key.

Petr Fiman, Vice Prezident, Electric Powersteering components Europe
Ing. Jindřich Možný, Retail specialist, Ministry of industry and trade
Petr Vyhnálek, Ex-CEO Globus Czech Republic
Chaired by: Dana Zadražilová, Emerita Dean, FMV VŠE in Prague

How to fulfil gender quotas effectively? Why it makes sense to make the most of collaboration and not just to use "Tools" for the fulfilment? It the Scandinavian model the right way forward?

Vera Maria Budway- Strobach, Program Manager Diversity & Inclusion, Česká spořitelna
Michaela Žáčková, Senior Consultant, KPMG Management Consulting
Zuzana Křečková-Kroupová, VŠE in Prague
D5. What does sustainability mean from local point of view? D6. Sustainability and reporting
Chaired by: Petr Kalaš, Vice Prezident, Czech BCSD

How to create an environment where people live and do business well in long-term? How to develop the region and community?

Milan Kazda, Mayor, municipality Kněžice
Kristina Regalová, Founder, Kokoza o.p.s.
Ivan Beneš, Independent Consultant, Member of Expert Council, Czech BCSD
Drago Sukalovský, Mayor, Kuřim and Representative of South Moravian Region
Karel Krejza, 1st Deputy Mayor, Litoměřice
Chaired by: Jiří Zouhar, Partner PwC Česká republika and Radka Nedvědová, Manager, PwC Czech Republic

International reporting principles (GRI) or how to learn and sell the real benefits of your activities?
The workshop will offer practical tasting of options and benefits that GRI reporting offers for company management and CSR managers

Tomáš Rak, Sustainability Manager, New World Resources Plc
Leoš Vrzalík, Director of Business Development Department, Skanska

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